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A Beautiful Opportunity

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Have you been telling your best friend about what happened to you recently? 

The experience you had? Or perhaps your neighbor has been struggling with digestive issues and you know a blend that would be the perfect oil for them. 

What if you could share the oils to help people in your life and earn residual income through doing that? Today we want to give you a brief introduction to what it could like to build a business through partnering in one of the largest natural health movements in the world doTERRA released their first bottle of essential oil in 2008 ... 

In a very short period of time, doTERRA became not only the largest (most transparent) essential oil company in the world but also the largest network marketing company in North America. doTERRA is a debt-free, multi-billion dollar wellness company that is privately owned (this is rare) and is often compared to Apple + Google because of this strong growth. But what makes this even more interesting, is that 90% of doTERRA are customers. It's not a business based on recruiting people to do it (like so many other network marketing companies do)

When someone decides to do this work, it is in alignment for them. 

The doTERRA movement is positively changing the world, one drop at a time and on both sides of the bottle which is an important element to understand for sustainability reasons. doTERRA also has the highest retention rate in the industry - when customers purchase doTERRA for the first time, over 70% of the purchase again within the next 3 months. 

The product sells itself. And it’s a product that you can market + educate on in a way that aligns with who you want to serve. Perhaps you're a mama that wants to help other mamas have access to natural tools to use in their home. Perhaps you're a chiropractor that wants to use the oils with your patients during adjustments and sell them in your retail space. Perhaps you're a health coach that wants to integrate the oils into your client's coaching programs for better results.

The financial wellness you can tap into through sharing doTERRA will support you as residual lifelong income. You're unlimited and are rewarded abundantly for the lives you empower. 


The 8 Different Types of Income Streams. 

1. Earned Income: Money is earned based on selling your time and skills. Working by the hour or getting paid a salary. If you do not show up - you do not get paid! 

2. Profit Income: Earned from buying and re-selling these products at a higher price. This is how most box stores operate. 

3. Interest Income: Earned from Lending money. Complicated, tricky, and may come with high risk. 

4. Dividend Income: Earned through owning stocks/companies. This is from being a shareholding or investing in the stock market. 

5. Rental Income: Earned by purchasing single-family homes, duplex/triplex’s, apartments, condos, malls, etc, and then renting these properties. 

6. Capital Gains Income: Earned through the sale of Appreciated Assets. An Appreciated Asset is simply an Asset or something of value that has increased in value. Capital gains income is generated from the sale of that asset. This means that you won’t be receiving continual income from the assets that you get Capital gains income from

7. Royalty Income: Earned through someone else selling your idea(s) / product(s). Some of the most common Royalty Income products are; books, games, puzzles, apps, products, or courses. 

8. Residual Income: Residual income is income that one continues to receive after the completion of the income-producing work.


Most of us have had an experience in the past with a product or person within networking marketing. It is one of the main ways products move today in business. And depending on our experience, we will see this industry a certain way. When a product is amazing, it needs to move through people. 

Otherwise, the reach of that product is limited to store shelves + typical marketing. Whenever a company launches a product, they have to decide whether to market conventionally through TV commercials, billboards, radio, etc. Or through people. 

Can you see why doTERRA had to go the networking marketing model? 

How would you know how to use your oil without someone guiding you? Educating you? Without having a community to tap into? doTERRA oils need to be experienced this way and so the money that would have been allocated to a marketing budget, instead goes to you as the person marketing + supporting your community. Perhaps the most appealing aspect of this business model is that you are completely unlimited in what you can do, create and earn. Your success is not dictated by anyone else!


• No Inventory 

• Low to no Overhead 

• Low Start-Up Costs 

• No Employees 

• No Special Degrees 

• Unlimited Income potential 

• Time Freedom (create your own schedule) 

• Build a business from anywhere in the world with just a laptop. 

• Tax Advantages 

• The Ability To Leverage 

• Team Income vs Me Income 

• Personal growth + learning 

• Take advantage of leverage 


I was raised with the notion that you went to college or university. Graduated. Got a job in your field. Start work every day at 9 am and end at 5 pm. Work 40 hours per week. Work the same job for 40 years. Retire.

That was the old model. It changed before I even graduated college. 

Now, this model is completely obsolete. You are lucky to find a full-time job that is not a contract. So how can we build a future? How can we not only build a strong income now but one that will carry us in our golden years? To support the future of our children and our children's, children? 

You build your own business. If you choose the doTERRA model you get paid to help others. You succeed when you help others succeed. Here is a sneak peek at the income potential for the doTERRA Business Opportunity.


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Placing an Order

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The doTERRA Difference

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A Beautiful Opportunity

A Beautiful Opportunity

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