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THE POWER OF ESSENTIAL OILS It’s helpful to understand that your body is designed to heal itself.

Every organ in your body becomes new within months, and the only time we run into trouble is when we aren’t giving the body the proper support to heal. Nature has unmatched wisdom when it comes to giving us the ability to heal our bodies. Because essential oils are straight-up pure nature ... they are a key tool to bringing your body back into a state of harmony! 

As you personally experience the powerful benefits of essential oils, you will understand why they are revolutionizing the way families manage their health. I have purchased a lot of essential oils in my day. From the organic store to the pharmacy and to small mom-and-pop shops. They did not offer me the result I was looking for. Using a high-quality, pure therapeutic essential oil matters. 

When you start putting these pure plant bottles to work for you, you will notice, appreciate and feel the therapeutic properties of the oils almost immediately. Whether it's applying peppermint to your temples for head tension or breathing in wild orange to shift your mood ... the oils work and they work fast. 

What's also really cool is that because nature is so complex, the same drop that you use for one issue will also create 'side benefits' and positively impact you in other ways. T

his is why the properties of essential oils can't be compared to synthetic medicine which works in a linear direction and typically creates side effects.

The sophistication of pure essential oils cannot be created in a lab.


Essential oils are called “essential” because they are the “essence” of a plant. In the Middle Ages, it was believed that essential oils were essential for life. 

Modern references define an essential oil as the essence or extract, that is the source of a plant’s aroma and flavor.

Why do plants produce essential oils? 

Essential oils are a critical part of a plant’s immune system. Plants produce essential oils to protect themselves against environmental threats. The parts of a plant with the greatest amount of essential oil are usually the parts with the greatest risk for invasion by microorganisms: the bark, sap, leaves, seeds, and fruit rinds. The compounds found in essential oils have all sorts of biological activities. They are known to protect against environmental threats, soothe the body, and even calm the mind.

Essential oils are made of volatile aromatic compounds

Volatile aromatic compounds are small organic molecules that tend to change from the liquid state to the gas state at room temperature. These molecules are so incredibly small that a single drop of essential oil contains around 40,000,000,000,000,000,000 (40 million trillion) of them. The word “volatile” emphasizes their tendency to evaporate quickly at room temperature. This property is what makes them smell so potent. When you first open a bottle of essential oil, you instantly notice the aroma, and you can smell it even from a distance. The physical and chemical properties of volatile aromatic compounds allow them to quickly enter the gas state, move through the air, and directly interact with olfactory sensors in the nose.

Essential oils can be made up of anywhere between 1 and 1000 different compounds with different chemical identities. 

For example, Birch oil is almost entirely composed of one compound: methyl salicylate. Spikenard, on the other hand, contains hundreds of compounds. Most oils fall somewhere in between these two extremes. For instance, Frankincense essential oil contains over 65 distinct chemical compounds in various quantities. The different compounds in essential oil are known as constituents. Each constituent has its own distinct structure, meaning that the shape, size, and arrangement of chemical bonds in that molecule are unique. The different constituents in an essential oil determine both the oil’s aroma and the benefits it offers.

The exact composition of an essential oil varies between plant species. 

When speaking of essential oils, the word “composition” refers to the oil’s constituent makeup or, in other words, what chemical constituents it contains and how much of those constituents are present. For instance, Bergamot essential contains over 35 different compounds, but it has especially high levels of two constituents called limonene and linalyl acetate. Blue Tansy essential oil, on the other hand, contains over 50 compounds, with the two most abundant constituents being chamazulene and sabinene.


• 100% natural and safe (when using pure essential oil). 

• 50 to 70 times more powerful than herbs: 1 drop of peppermint essential oil is equal to 28 cups of herb tea. 

• Oils contain hundreds of different compounds, providing complex & versatile ability to combat threats without building up resistance. 

• Essential oils have the ability to permeate (pass-through) the cell membrane to address the threats on the inside as well as the outside. 

• Oils work with the body to address issues & root causes on a cellular level. 

• Safely provide benefits without any harmful side effects. 

• More affordable than traditional healthcare. 

• Cost pennies per dose: 1 drop of peppermint essential oil costs only $0.08.


Oils are extracts from plants that have amazing health benefits. 

Pure oil is about 50-70 times more powerful than herbs. One drop of peppermint essential oil is equivalent to drinking 28 cups of peppermint tea making them very potent. When it comes to pure therapeutic grade Essential Oils, there’s nothing added to the oil or taken away from the oil. They’re safe for babies, children, adults, and the elderly. 


They are often more effective than many modern approaches to health problems. They are able to permeate the cell membrane and address the root cause of health problems. They can work on a cellular level without side effects or addictions, and they can combat bacteria on the outside of the cell and prevent the duplication of viruses on the inside. 


With the versatility of essential oils, it is amazing how much money I save putting these little brown bottles to work in my home. When I use them for health concerns I tend to use 1-2 drops. So when I break it down by cost per drop I am spending pennies to take care of our health challenges. I am also saving money as we are taking a proactive approach with our healthcare now versus a reactive approach. We visit the doctor way less which saves me a ton of money as well as time.


When you have a Certified Pure Tested Grade, and it means these oils are completely pure and potent. Pure means there are no foreign contaminants or fillers. Potent means that each plant was grown in a part of the world where that plant grows best, resulting in the absolute best chemistry for that plant. When you have the ideal natural chemistry, the essential oil extracted does exactly what we want it to do for our health. 


Once we start eliminating toxic store-bought products we will naturally reduce the toxic load in our homes I use these oils to make my own cleaners and beauty products. So one bottle of essential oil can go a long way to reducing your toxic load, increasing your healthcare, and keeping your home clean! 


Think about how many times in your lifetime you’ve run out of cleaning products, face wash, cream, etc. By taking the time to make your own cleaners or products you will reduce single plastic use. One less plastic bottle in the landfill makes a difference. There are also incredible recipes for up-cycling your glass bottles so you can have even less waste. 


Since essential oils come from nature they are much gentler on the planet. Imagine the difference between cleaning a sink with bleach versus baking soda and a few drops of lemon essential oil. Using essential oils is gentler for our ecosystem, water supply, and soil.


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